An Election Day Thank You to Team Vanessa

For the past several weeks, I have had a countdown to Election Day running on my desktop. Campaigns are taxing, and county campaigns are especially tricky because there are so many voters to reach spread across such a large area. This day felt like it could not come fast enough, yet it seemed to be approaching too quickly at the same time.

But for every moment that I have felt overwhelmed or nervous or exhausted, I have had ten moments where I was amazed, grateful, and encouraged. Meeting so many of Erie County’s voters has been a privilege. I learned so much about our communities by listening to our voters, and I will carry that knowledge with me to help me serve you better.

This campaign has been surrounded by incredible support. Families joining in parades to march, young people canvassing and phone banking, retired individuals showing up first thing in the morning to write postcards for hours… the list goes on!

Erie County, so many of you have shown up to demand better. Your volunteerism does more than a glossy TV ad ever could. You’ve touched voters with your care, your concern, and your commitment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the trust you’ve placed in me. While Republicans may be able to count their campaign contributions in dollars, the contribution of your time is truly priceless.

Now, please, go out and Vote Vanessa!

Vanessa Glushefski

Glushefski Law , 286 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo, NY, 14213, United States