Glushefski voices concerns for residents’ health care in wake of US House Passage of American Health Care Act

Narrow “victory” in House would strip health care from millions of citizens.
Meanwhile, Mychajliw cheers as thousands of county residents face uncertain health care future.

 Today, endorsed Democratic candidate for Erie County Comptroller, Vanessa Glushefski issued the following statement in response to the narrow passage yesterday of the unpopular “American Health Care Act” in the U.S House of Representatives. Glushefski, a Certified Public Accountant and working mother, noted that thousands of Erie County residents would be among the millions of Americans who would lose health coverage if the Act becomes law and also questioned a dubious scheme concocted by Republicans to shift Medicaid costs as one of the Act’s provisions.

Glushefski said, “Any parent, or caregiver, is dismayed this morning about what transpired yesterday in the U.S. House, as we watched our elected officials willfully and without review pass a piece of legislation that would strip away health care protections from millions of Americans, including thousands of Erie County residents. This plan is the result of Republican legislators who are so indifferent to the realities of their constituents that they would dare to pass a bill that takes away protections from working families, while leaving in-tact their own healthcare packages.  People with preexisting conditions or special needs, including children and seniors, would be left without health care under this Act and left to whatever fate they could afford out of their own pocket.  It’s unconscionable that in America, one of the wealthiest and most advanced countries in the world, decisions that affect human life and dignity are reduced by these same officials to matters of partisan politics and the ‘bottom line.’

Equally unconscionable, is the way New York republican ‘leadership’ is attempting to shift the costs of Medicaid in the state, playing a shell game with critical funding while people’s lives hang in the balance.  Unfortunately, these ‘leaders,’ who were elected to serve the public, are, instead, happy to tear up the health care system on which millions of state residents and thousands of county residents rely in pursuit of political glory, while promising unrealistic ‘savings’, Glushefski continued. 

"My opponent has jumped on the fantasy ‘savings’ bandwagon and once again promptly demonstrated that he does not understand what the actual powers and responsibilities of the Comptroller are, or how the Medicaid system actually works. As a Certified Public Accountant, I can tell you that shifting the costs of the program does not eliminate the costs. In addition, the Comptroller is not the executive, or even a legislator, and has zero say over how funding for any program is allocated.  The Comptroller’s inability to critically evaluate the issues with respect to the proposed Medicaid Amendment are disturbing.  A sure sign that he has learned nothing from his time as Erie County’s Chief Fiscal Officer, or the high priced Harvard business course he violated ethics laws to attend.  It’s time we had someone in the Comptroller’s office who really understands how finances work, cares about the people in Erie County, and doesn’t make empty, fanciful promises.”