Vanessa Honored to Receive Stonewall Democrats Endorsement

As an advocate for equality and full inclusion, Vanessa is honored and humbled to accept the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats of Western New York. 

Bryan Ball, president of SDWNY, stated: "Vanessa Glushefski has the experience, having worked extensively in the fields of law and accounting, and the determination to make the Erie County Comptroller's Office one that works for the people and to the best of its ability. Vanessa Glushefski has the knowledge and independence we need in the Comptroller's office, and we are proud to work to help her election." 

The Glushefski campaign is grateful for this vote of confidence. Vanessa states, "I am honored to stand with the Stonewall Democrats, as I fight for inclusion and equality for all Western New Yorkers, including my LGBT neighbors, friends, and family. I pledge to utilize the powers of the office of Comptroller to build a stronger, more vibrant Erie County for all residents."