Vanessa Receives Democratic Endorsement in County Comptroller Race

This Friday, to a packed house, the Erie County Democratic Committee announced its support of the Glushefski campaign for Erie County Comptroller. As a lifelong Democrat, Vanessa is especially proud to receive this endorsement.

ECDC's candidates for this fall's elections represent the most diverse team of leaders the committee has ever supported. The skills and abilities of this ticket cannot be understated. Vanessa is proud to be counted among them. 

In her remarks during a rally following the committee's vote,  Glushefski stated, “I am honored to accept the endorsement of the Democratic Party, and look forward to working hard with my fellow Democrats to restore the professional integrity of the Office of Comptroller. As Comptroller, I will bring an understanding and respect for the law to the position to better facilitate the services and requirements of the office. In the last four years, we have seen that a Comptroller who doesn’t have the qualifications to understand the complex work becomes overly focused on partisan politics. As Comptroller, the numbers will guide my actions not politics.”