Vanessa Endorsed by Working Families Party

The Working Families Party is committed to progressive political party, committed to building a New York that is fair for all people. Vanessa is proud to receive the endorsement of WFP. 

As County Comptroller, Glushefski would be committed to addressing waste and protecting tax payer dollars, in support of an economically prosperous Erie County. Vanessa understands that the resurgence of our region must benefit all community members. A vital piece of this commitment is monitoring the appropriate use of county funds for the benefit of all residents of the county. As a CPA and an attorney, Vanessa is uniquely qualified to implement this ethical commitments.

Glushefski shared: "I am proud to have earned the support of the Working Families Party. We share a commitment to creating opportunity for all community members, not simply those with access to wealth and connections. I will serve our county with skillfull diligence as County Comptroller to build a fairer, more economically secure community, for all our residents."