An Open Letter to the Incumbent

Hi Stefan.

Can I call you Stefan?
Thanks for reading this letter. Reviewing your Twitter feed, it’s easy to see you’re a busy guy. But I have a question.

You see, I’m a CPA. The work of Comptroller is fairly intuitive to me. I understand that strong audits, assessments, and reports to legislators and citizens are vital to saving taxpayers money.

Yet, you seem to have forgotten. A review of your website reveals that in 2017, our campaign year, not a single audit or assessment has been performed.

That had me curious.

After all, the people of Erie County selected you to do this job, protecting their contributions and making government effective and transparent for all residents.

So what have you been up to? How are you serving Erie County?

A quick glance at Twitter reveals that you spent the majority of last week attending the Erie County Fair, sorting through book sales, and firing guns. I’m confused. Did you bring spreadsheets with you? You do know your office-and the team you manage-is located at the Rath Building, correct?

You see, the residents of Erie County and I…. we’re just a bit confused. I know that accurate audits take hours. I also know that a press release about a legislative plan you have no power to execute is not a Comptroller responsibility.

So what have you been up to Stefan? You wouldn’t be abandoning your responsibilities simply to campaign, would you? After all, Erie County residents are watching.


Vanessa Glushefski, Esq, CPA
Future Erie County Comptroller