Smoke and Mirrors in the Current Comptroller Office

Today, at the height of campaign season, and immediately following a blog from my campaign about a lack of audits in 2017, Stefan Mychajliw released a press release about audit performed months ago. The story was picked up by The Buffalo News and other outlets. 

The audit examined the finances of the Grover Cleveland Golf Course and the findings were damaging. In response, the supervisor was fired. That occurred in December of 2016. So why release a press release today, Stefan?

What’s going on here? I have an idea.

I believe that Stefan may have an arsenal of dramatic-appearing mini-audits at the ready, hidden from public eye for the last few weeks of campaign season. Performed with Erie County tax payer dollars, these audits take more resources to perform than they serve to protect. A series of press releases that may seek to prove his usefulness will likely hit news sources.

I believe Erie County voters are smarter than this pageantry, and I seek to point it out whenever I see it.

A 1.7 billion dollar budget looms largely unexamined, as the current comptroller campaigns on our dime. He makes a show of finding change in couch cushions of Erie County’s smallest offices, while he ignores his responsibilities as Comptroller.

Without the skills or capabilities to perform the work in question, he is thinking more about his next press release than effectively serving the people of Erie County. His office has relied on smoke and mirrors to hide his questionable ethics and eyebrow raising appointments. We see you, Stefan. And we’ll make sure Erie County voters do the same.