Stefan Shows Unions His True Colors on Labor Day Weekend


This Friday, while we were looking forward to a long weekend celebrating the Labor Movement, the incumbent made a bold move. Bragging endlessly about his two union endorsements, Stefan claims to care about organized labor and worker’s rights. However, Facebook shows us that he spent his Friday morning celebrating the opening of another wing of a local Walmart.

Walmart is a notorious union buster. Treating their employees as if they were disposable, with wages so low even full time workers qualify for social services, Walmart makes low costs possible by exploiting people on every end of their supply chain, from manufacturer to workers. Their training videos include statements against unionization, for crying out loud!

Another interesting choice was that he didn’t tag himself, or tweet about it. Something he typically loves to do when attending community events. Instead, our campaign learned of his appearance by finding it on the Clarence Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook Page. In the picture, he almost looks as if he knows he’s doing something wrong and attempting to hide his participation.

But we see you, Stefan, and union workers do too.