CSEA Endorses Vanessa for County Comptroller


This morning, I received a welcome piece of mail: A formal letter of endorsement from CSEA of my candidacy for County Comptroller.

Coming from a union family, I know the power organized labor has to impact communities economically and socially. I value every single union endorsement, but CSEA is a particularly special one to me, for several reasons.

Each day, as the incumbent walks into his office, he passes dozens of CSEA staff members. He works with and alongside them while he serves in public office. These individuals will know his work style, his leadership, and his efficacy better than anyone. They have also found themselves serving scapegoat for his poor performance on more than one occasion. 

The endorsement of CSEA is an endorsement that comes with eyes wide open. This team knows who the incumbent is, on what promises he has failed to deliver, and whether he is someone they trust with their tax resources. A union of professionals, CSEA has chosen skillfulness over empty promises. I am humbled, and I promise to live up to the faith CSEA Region 6 has placed in my candidacy. 



Vanessa Glushefski

Glushefski Law , 286 Lafayette Ave, Buffalo, NY, 14213, United States