Incumbent Shrugs at Back-to-School Relief


It’s back to school week, and I know that many of my parent friends are feeling the crunch. Backpacks, school supplies, and new clothes can really add up. In many communities, a sales tax holiday accompanies this rush, bringing a little relief to families who are watching their dollars carefully during this time. But Erie County is not among them.

When asked why, the current County Comptroller stated that the county relies heavily on sales tax for its revenue. Well, Stefan, we’re not satisfied with that answer. After all, we know that you’ve continued to invest the County’s reserves in an account that garners .06% interest. That’s less than the typical personal savings account.

This is a classic example of Stefan straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel. Instead of fixing giant holes in his budget, he plucks pennies from hardworking families trying to get by in a tough time. Rather than performing actual audits to protect our hard earned money, he seeks to appear thrifty and fastidious in headlines, while letting his entire term go by without meaningful evaluations of any kind.

The working families of Erie County see your behavior, Stefan. A better option is available this election cycle, and I believe they will choose the skilled, competent professional, over the penny-pinching headline grabber.