Press Release: Vanessa Glushefski Formally Seeks Appointment To Comptroller Position

The office of City Comptroller has been the source of some speculation lately, while the office faces an unexpected leadership transition. Mark Schroeder, who has served Buffalo as City Comptroller for the last seven years, resigned Sunday, having received an appointment to serve as the Commissioner of the DMV in Albany.

Following this resignation, the Buffalo Common Council must advertise the vacancy for no less than five days and has a total of ninety days to make a formal appointment. Because of the election cycle, the interim comptroller would then need to earn the confidence of voters for this year’s election cycle.


Vanessa Glushefski, a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney currently serving as Acting City Comptroller, announces her intentions to seek the office today. She has been serving as Deputy Comptroller since the beginning of the year.

“This morning, I hand delivered my letter to the city clerk to let them know that we can maintain a skilled workforce in the Comptroller’s Office under my leadership and direction,” states Glushefski. “Buffalo is currently experiencing a resurgence and skilled leadership is needed to increase our momentum.”

Of the many other names that have been floated since Schroeder’s resignation was announced, Vanessa shared, “It’s exciting to see so many people interested in supporting Buffalo’s financial health. However, an office that requires this level of technical skill, handling issues like audits, investments, and bond issuance should be led by someone who can truly understand its functions. While many of these individuals do excellent work in their current governance roles, none of them have my unique credentials or the skill set that make me an ideal candidate to manage the $1.4 billion budget of our municipal government. Buffalo deserves skilled leadership.”

Vanessa Glushefski is best-known locally for her underdog race for Erie County Comptroller, in which she won the support of about 100,000 voters against a well-known incumbent. She is a Certified Public Accountant with experience in tax accounting and international tax policy research. Also an attorney, she ran a low-cost law clinic for several years before joining Monica P. Wallace as her legislative director. In that role, she reviewed New York State budget documents and made policy recommendations.