What Stefan Costs

The incumbent claims to be the county's fiscal watchdog, but he has no qualifications in auditing or finance. This is costing the residents of Erie County dearly. The numbers listed below are conservative estimates, based on numbers crunched by Team Vanessa over the course of the campaign season, using budget documents, news stories, reports to the legislature, law suit information, FOIL request responses, and press releases. 


WASted Staff Salaries

Because the incumbent has used his staff positions to hand out political favors, rather than hiring skilled individuals, each of these positions is a drain on the county's budget. It's hard to estimate the total impact of this poor judgement, but suffice it to say these positions are useless in their hands. To make matters worse, data suggests that Stefan and his team of buddies aren't showing up 11 weeks each year. Yes, that's almost three months. 

TOTAL: $5,188,169


Faulty Investments

The County's cash reserves total 38 million dollars. That's money that should be working for us in strong investments. Currently, the County's money makes less than a personal savings account at .06%. Why? Well, Stefan claims that the bank of choice won a bidding process. There's also the fact that his campaign finance report shows that bank's executives and PAC donated handsomely to his campaign. This cost the county 1.8 million dollars over the last five years. Isn't this the guy who said we should be being careful with our dollars? I've already sourced a secure, safe investment that will earn 1%, meaning an extra one million dollars over four years. That's not nothing! 

TOTAL:  $1,835,135


Undetected Waste and Duplication

In a miss that's become famous, Stefan failed to uncover a $900,000 overcharge by Verizon. This is either some he missed, lacking all skill in finance, or something he "missed" as Verizon donates to many Republican PACs. But that's not Stefan's only miss.

He also spent time duplicating the fraud education services of Elder Protection, so that he could take to voters and pretend it was his job (a Hatch Act Violation). And his week at the Erie County Fair during work hours? Let's just say, we paid him over 1,000 that week so that he could fire guns, milk a goat, and sample pie. 

The bed bug hotline? What if he just supported the unions and relevant agencies in making sure that their work is well-funded and being performed well? (Again, no press release there!)

His fake audits waste the time of his entire staff, a web designer/editor, and other people who should be watching our dollars instead of supporting Stefan's career ambitions. 

TOTAL: Over $925,000

Unaudited Divisions 

Rampant overtime, poor performance, and the actual loss of human life are associated with the incumbent's failures to audit any division led by Republicans. The charter demands audits be performed of all divisions, but Stefan has performed no complete and thorough audit of either the Sheriff's office or the Water Authority. This costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, while leading to less effective government service

TOTAL: At least $1,300,000

There IS another option on the ballot. One that will fight for a transparent, accountable government, and a prosperous Erie County. Learn more now!